Burnout Revenge

No need to try describing those astonishing crashes to skeptical friends later - all you need do is quickly rewind and hit "record." You can save around 20 seconds, and store 20 clips per drive or memory card.

You can also, with a simple button press, upload your clip to share with friends (who'll be messaged about your new offering) and with recent rivals (who can see what you've been up to via their history lists).

Better still, people can then choose to "recommend" the clip and send it to their friends, viral marketing style, or to download and keep it - both count towards a global popularity rating, and the very best will appear in a chart. It's both another way of competing and another way to enjoy those spectacular crashes.

The collisions are notably improved, with cars even spinning on their noses should the impact dictate it, or slamming to complete halts in a very free-looking, realistic way. The cumulative result is crashes even more intense and wince-worthy than ever, followed by glorious, particle-effect drenched destruction and a torrent of flying parts.

So, it's more than just another port. In fact, Burnout Revenge 360 could well be one of the best reasons for buying an Xbox 360 this year, and a must-have game for existing owners. We'll find out for sure very soon.