Burnout 5 to feature HD EyeToy

Burnout Dominator may have just been released on PSP and PS2, which is a great game in its own right, but our eyes are on Burnout 5, the series' debut on PS3 (and second installment on Xbox 360). Little is currently known about the direction Criterion is taking the series, but Criterion's director of design, Alex Ward, recently revealed some nuggets of new information.

When describing what direction Criterion is taking with Burnout 5, Ward explained, "How you use the controller is key, how you play the game online, how you use the HD EyeToy and the 360 Vision Camera online is really important."

Little is currently known about the HD EyeToy, but it looks like it'll make an appearance in some form in Burnout 5. At E3 in 2006 Sony began talking about the evolution of the motion-cam add-on, seemingly dubbed the "HD EyeToy,"but little else has actually been discussed regarding the peripheral.

It has also appeared on a Sony online survey asking consumers about the kinds of peripherals they'd like to see alongside PS3 at some point in the future, but that's about it.

While you wait for the full chat with Ward on Burnout 5, you can find the review of Burnout: Dominator (PS2) right here.

March 27, 2007