Bungie's secret projects "show promise", teases CEO

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Bungie is working on new games that "continue to really show promise", according to a recent interview with the studio's CEO.

"So we started about three years ago, Jason [Jones] and Jonny Ebbert and Zach Russell and a few of us started working on new incubations," Bungie's CEO Pete Parsons told Metro (thanks, PC Gamer), adding that the new incubations "continue to really show promise - actually, ironically, we expected a decently high failure rate from the incubations and what’s happened is, we are pretty excited about the work that’s being done not just on continuing the Destiny universe, but because we’ve been able to build such a deep bench of talent, these incubations are really amazing."

While Parsons wouldn't be led on how many games are in development or the number of personnel dedicated to each project, Parsons teased: "I think you will be pretty excited. I wish I could say more, but I think you will be pretty excited."

As for the latest on Destiny 2? Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris has been postponed once again, as a result of unforeseen issues. Bungie announced via Twitter that the multiplayer event wouldn't go live as it had been previously planned, disabling the event for the week. The tweet also stated that Bungie was not yet sure when Trials of Osiris will return, as it is still investigating the root cause of the issue. 

As Austin explained at the time, Trials of Osiris is set to introduce some changes when it does reappear, including high-level rewards in the way of gear, known as "adept weapons". These guns are set apart by their ability to get a large bonus to one of its major stats. They won't be easy to get your hands on, naturally, requiring the player to achieve seven wins in a row with no losses. These weapons were set to make a big splash in the game, so it's all the more disappointing to see that we're set to face another delay.

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