Bungie's Halo 3 Beta bad habits

In Bungie's weekly report, Frankie has listedtheir top ten Halo 3 Beta bad habits - some of which feel strangely familiar, especially number 10... someone *always* steals our kills. We've yet to try playing while on the John though, so not guilty there.

Anyway, here they are:

"10) Scavenging other people’s kills- if you didn’t kill him, you have no business crouching on him.

9) Vetoing casually- Think twice before vetoing a game you only half dislike. Murphy’s Law states that the next choice will be worse.

8) Taking off in the Hog alone- You may as well drive around in a huge magnetic target.

7) Talking trash to teammates- Yelling at strangers is bad enough, but do you think yelling at your compatriots will make them play better? Drink some chocolate milk and shut your cretinous noisehole.

6) Blasting your music at us- Yes, you’re hardcore. You love mad rhymes and phat beats. We don’t care. Turn it off. We already muted you, you spaz.