Bungie "taking action" after Destiny 2 community summit leads to big Season 21 leak: "When that trust is betrayed, it hurts"

Destiny 2 Lightfall
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On the heels of a substantial leak for upcoming Destiny 2 Season 21 content, Bungie says it's "taking actions to reinforce our policies," which I'm interpreting as 'looking to smack somebody with penalties from a signed NDA.'

"Community interaction and engagement is central to Bungie and our games," a post from the Destiny 2 Team twitter account begins. "For years, we've invited creators and other members of the community to confidential summits to provide feedback on the future of Destiny. This is a beloved part of the process, but relies heavily on trust.

"Breaches of this trust could result in our inability to hold more summits. We take these breaches extremely seriously and are taking actions to reinforce our policies with those invited to these internal meetings," it concludes. 

Sharing the studio's post, Bungie community manager Liana Ruppert added: "Sometimes this job hurts. I don’t think people realize how attached to folks we are. As a human, not employee: when that trust is betrayed, it hurts. Same thing when I was a talent manager: it’s hard when you genuinely care. And we do. Please don’t abuse that trust." 

Even known leak aggregates like Destiny Bulletin apparently don't want to touch this one: "Leaking contents from a closed Community Summit that you've signed an NDA for is definitely a serious breach of trust and confidentiality." Longtime Destiny YouTuber True Vanguard put it, uh, more succinctly: "If you break NDA's from these summits, you can eat da poopoo."

The exact source of the leak seemingly hasn't been pinned down or revealed just yet, but from the sound of things, I suspect somebody will face the wrath of Bungie's legal team soon enough. After all, the images currently spreading around social media certainly do look a heck of a lot like photographs taken during an internal presentation at Bungie. 

I'm not going to share the images directly for obvious reasons, but there's no getting this genie back in the bottle. If you want to see the leaks, you won't have to look very hard – you can start with the replies to the Destiny 2 team's tweet. If you want to stay spoiler-free, you might want to mute some terms on social media or, for total safety, stick your head in a big bucket of sand until the current season ends in... over a month. OK, maybe nix the sand plan. 

Ahead of this leak, Bungie acknowledged Destiny 2 Lightfall's divisive launch and committed to some big, highly requested changes. 

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