Bungie on the state of Destiny 2: "We have work to do for those that have been around for the long run"

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Ahead of its weekly scheduled blog post, Bungie acknowledged mounting issues with the current state of Destiny 2 in a short forum post. 

Community manager Dylan "dmg04" Gafner replied to one user who asked that this week's blog post share some of Bungie's plans for the game. Unfortunately, Gafner says that Bungie, which has been working remotely due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, is still in talks regarding many changes, so it doesn't have specifics to share this week. At best, it is "nearing approval on some action items for Trials." 

More encouragingly, Gafner echoed the growing sentiment that huge portions of the game have been neglected in recent seasons, and it sounds like Bungie is working to change that - it just can't wave a magic wand and get it done today. 

"It sucks that things take time," Gafner says. "Many of us wish we could turn around after a day to say 'here is exactly what we're doing, how, and when to expect the patch,' but rushing fixes could lead to more problems that could further impact your enjoyment of the game. Band-Aid fixes could address feedback in the short term, but lead to development issues in the future.

"We want to make Destiny 2 the best it can be. We don't want to break hearts, as noted in the OP. We want to create places that inspire friendship. Quite a bit of Destiny 2 content still shines for new players, but we have work to do for those that have been around for the long run. Hope to have plans to share with you soon. We'll be loud and clear when we do." 

That last line rings especially true. For many players, the main issue with the Season of the Worthy is that, like the Season of Dawn before it, it limits the game to bounty farming and season pass leveling, ignoring core activities like Strikes and raids. There are plenty of other problems to dissect - as I did last week - but I think that's the biggest one: too much of the game feels pointless. It's disappointing to hear that changes to the seasonal model are likely a ways off, but it is good to hear that Bungie's listening to feedback and discussing how to respond to it. 

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