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Bungie is making a Black Lives Matter pin for Juneteenth with proceeds supporting racial justice

(Image credit: Bungie)

Bungie's latest charity effort is a Black Lives Matter pin made to commemorate June 19 (Juneteenth or Freedom Day) and support racial justice. 

The studio announced the pin in a recent blog post (opens in new tab). It won't become available until a little later this year, but pre-orders will open on Tuesday, June 23. Anyone who buys a pin will also receive a special emblem for Destiny 2. Bungie didn't specify a price, but based on the price of its other pins - most notably this Pride pin (opens in new tab) - it will likely be in the $15 range. All proceeds from these pins will go toward the Equal Justice Initiative (opens in new tab), which provides legal representation to people who have been unfairly or illegally convicted or sentenced. 

"We know that Guardians in Destiny fight for humanity and hope," Bungie says. "And while the real challenges that Black people face are not as easily vanquished as the enemies in our game, we look forward to seeing Guardians come together in this fight as well. As we said before, we are committed to standing up for our Black community; including our developers, fans, and neighbors. Together, we intend to replace injustice with equality wherever we see it."

Earlier this year, Bungie and the Destiny 2 community raised over $800,000 for COVID-19 relief (opens in new tab). More recently, the studio opened its biggest stream of the year (opens in new tab) with eight minutes and 46 seconds of silence in honor of George Floyd. And just yesterday, the Destiny 2 slot on the GCX stream (opens in new tab) supporting St. Jude's Children's Hospital raised over $800,000 as well. 

Here's everything we know about the future of Destiny 2 (opens in new tab), from a trilogy of expansions to next-gen support. 

Austin Wood
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