Bungie commits to long-term plans for Destiny 2 which will be revealed this season

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Bungie is finally ready to reveal its updated long-term plans for Destiny 2.

"There’s been a growing list of concerns with the game lately: Trials, the rise in cheaters, our new Seasonal model, the balance between rewards you earn vs. items you buy," says production director Justin Truman. "We’ve been closely watching and discussing each of these topics as we read your feedback. When our community managers relay that everyone at Bungie is listening, I assure you, we are … But fixing these issues isn’t good enough if we keep you in the dark the whole time, so we’re going to try something a little different. 

"Every week for the rest of this Season, we’ll have updates from different members on the dev team covering the most important topics in Destiny right now, and what we’re planning to do about them."

With player dissatisfaction ballooning, Truman invited players to suggest topics which should be covered in future 'This Week At Bungie' blog posts. To save you a vote, he says next week's post will discuss the game's seasonal model, which many players - including director Luke Smith - agree injected an unhealthy sense of FOMO into the game. And if you - like me - are tired of bounty-centered activities, you may find it encouraging that community manager Cozmo acknowledged that "there is a lot of bounty fatigue right now" in a recent Reddit post. 

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Speaking of Luke Smith: the director said on Twitter that, "There is a lot of good stuff in Destiny. There is also a long way to go before we have it in a place we are truly proud of. We are going to be talking about next steps in the coming weeks." 

To help put Truman and Smith's statements in context, Bungie community manager Dylan "dmg04" Gafner recently explained that, "We’re looking at what can be accomplished in Season 11, which is coming much faster than many of us can believe. Some topics will be tackled in Season 12, as they’ll require larger scale systematic changes."

In other words, many of the changes that Bungie will discuss in the coming weeks may not make it into the game until this fall with the arrival of season 12 and whatever content accompanies it - perhaps another Shadowkeep-sized expansion. However, next season may still see some quality of life changes, and Bungie previously said that season 11 would bring together the disparate elements of the rest of Year 3. 

If nothing else, there's hope that season 11 will be better than the Season of Dawn and the Season of the Worthy. More importantly, with Bungie finally breaking its radio silence, there's hope that what comes next will learn from and build on the failures of Year 3. 

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