Bullying the Wii-way

With theofficial news that Rockstar is planning to bring Bully: Scholarship Edition to Wii and Xbox 360 this winter, we've done what we always do when we hear of a new Wii port - try and work out how they'll make imaginative use of the Wii-mote.

Here's five ways we'd like to see it utilized inBully...

1. Aiming and firing the catapult
Not unlike the bow and arrow dynamic in Zelda: Twilight Princess, you aim with the Wii-mote and then pull back the nunchuk, before pressing the A button to release your projectile with a satisfying elastic twang. One nerd now has rotten egg on his face.

2. Hitting bullies with the baseball bat
This one's simple - swing the Wii-mote back (making sure not to swat the mantelpiece in the process) and let loose with a forward motion getting as much purchase on the recipient's ass as possible.

3. Riding the bike/go-kart
Another no-brainer this: in a sitting position hold the Wii-mote horizontally and use it as a steering wheel during the go-kart races. Can also double up as pushbike and motorcycle handlebars, and it would be a great touch if they mapped the bell to the A button.

4. Flushing bullies heads down the toilet
A fairly complex ambidextrous operation which involves using theWii-mote as the hand holding the head in the bowl and the free hand to pull the flush repeatedly. We'd like to see this as a special move only available to Jimmy after practice.

5. Giving flowers to girls (or nerds)
Perhaps the most straightforward move of the lot (and the least bully-like) the move involves holding the Wii-mote behind your back and then at the killer moment whipping it out in front of you, presenting the girl with a bouquet. Extra marks should be awarded for timing and smoothness of motion.

July 20, 2007