Bully: Scholarship Edition - first look

We also got a peek at one of the four new classroom activities on the Wii version: biology class. Inspired by Trauma Center, biology is a simple dissection minigame in which you'll use a scalpel to connect dots around removable pieces - heart, lungs, etc. - and then remove them with forceps and place them in a waiting tray. Precision's what matters here, not speed, and while we've only seen Jimmy dissect a turtle so far, we're told that the class will start with worms and work up toward progressively more complex creatures. The other new classes will include math (which we're told will resemble Brain Age, with simple, quick equations), a rhythm-action music class and a geography class in which you'll have to match flags to countries on a map.

The classroom minigames are also the focus of the game's new multiplayer mode, which is unlocked right at the outset and enables two players to find out who's better at solving word jumbles or mixing chemicals. There's also a shooting gallery taken from the game's amusement part, but don't expect fighting, slingshot battles or player-on-player violence of any kind.

We've also had a chance to see the 360 version of Bully: SE in action, which almost completely overhauls the graphics. The new Bullworth looks extremely crisp, but while the bump-mapped clothing looks a lot more realistic, don't expect something on par with, say, Assassin's Creed - to keep the game's cartoonish feel, the realism has been reined in a bit. If only it could have been reined in when it came to Jimmy's face; instead of being just kind of ugly and pugnacious, Bully's hero now looks like a middle-aged Neanderthal, all sloping forehead, protruding jaw and receding hairline. Ugh.