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Bully and GTA: Vice City Stories rated for PS3

UPDATE: Rockstar has confirmed Bully, Midnight Club 3, and Red Dead Revolver are all now available on the PlayStation Store for $10 a piece. The developer said it's still working on bringing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and other PS2-era games to the service.

The PlayStation Store will likely see the respective schoolyard antics and Vance family drama of Bully and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories in coming weeks. GameSpot noted new Entertainment Software Ratings Board PlayStation 3 listings for the open-world Rockstar titles as well as other PS2-era selections.

Red Dead Revolver and Midnight Club, Midnight Club 2, and Midnight Club 3: DUB Remix Edition also were listed for PS3. While Vice City Stories was originally a PlayStation Portable title, it saw a re-release on PS2 in 2007.

Rockstar hasn't responded to requests for comments on the listings, but it's a fairly safe bet that we'll see them pop us as downloadable titles on PSN fairly soon. We have no indication of whether Bully will include any of Bully: Scholarship Edition's extra content (we know for sure, however, that the Scholarship Edition is on sale for $10 on Xbox Live.)

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