Bulletless blip

We dug up a batch of ten new Bullet Witch screens for you, but imagine our surprise as we browsed through them and found only one bullet. We just wanted to think up some of our classically hilarious captions, but instead we found the premise for an entire news story. Not only are there barely any bullets in these Bullet Witch screens, but two of them don't even have any characters in them (check out our favorite witch-less shot below).

Above: Seriously - who thought this was a good screenshot? What the hell?

So click that Images tab above, if you dare... to be unimpressed by some fairly blah screens. Eh, what the heck, just skip the new screens and take another look at the archived screens. Those are worth another gander, because we still think this game could be locked and loaded with ballistic goodness.

September 19, 2006