Bullet Witch hands-on

Later stages also promise unique new challenges; while we only saw Alicia fighting through the suburbs, blasting her way across the Brooklyn Bridge and then tearing up central Manhattan alongside squads of human soldiers, one level will actually have her fighting atop a flying 747 and fending off a giant, meaty dragon covered in detachable, malevolent eyeballs. And it's exactly that kind of balls-out, over-the-top ridiculousness that we'd like to see more of from our shooters.

Action aside, Bullet Witch sure is pretty. The streets of New York are rendered in detailed, high-definition clarity, and there's a lot of variation in the skinless, pulsating, nasty-ass monsters she'll gun down. More striking is spry Alicia herself, who actually has a bunch of different animations just for reloading her gun (you won't see them all at once, of course, so the actual reloading is pretty rapid and painless). And the way her skirt flaps in the breeze as she walks? Majestic.

Our time with Bullet Witch was short, and while the actual run-and-gun shooting felt fairly run-of-the-mill, we're still looking forward to more. Assuming the pace stays intense and the end-of-the-world tone stays compelling, Bullet Witch is one to watch.