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Buffy/Angel Writers Help Create New Supernatural Heroines For The CW

Marti Noxon, Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain are developing two new shows, one based on a book series by LJ Smith, author of The Vampire Diaries

US TV network the CW seems keen to create The Next Buffy , having set three old former Whedon writing chums to work on developing two new supernatural shows with female leads, reports Vulture .

Elizabth Craft and Sarah Fain (who worked on Angel and Dollhouse ) are working with Andrew Miller to adapt the Secret Circle book series by LJ Smith (of The Vampire Diaries fame).

Meanwhile, Marti Noxon – who has worked on Buffy , Angel , Mad Men , Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice — is producing Chloe with her production partner Dawn Parouse ( Prison Break ). The series would feature a young female con artist who dies and returns to Earth as a Divine Covert Operator... an angel, basically. Actor/scripter Jason Fuchs ( Holy Rollers ) has written the pilot.

With both Supernatural and Smallville due to vanish from the CW shedules at the end of their current seasons, it seems likely that one or both of these shows sould be intended to fill the gap.