Breath of the Wild with Ring Fit controls looks torturous

A prolific modder has done the unthinkable and played Zelda: Breath of the WIld using Ring Fit Adventure controls.

Redditor SuperLouis64 has made a name for himself by playing various games using only the plastic ring and Joy-Con setup from Ring Fit Adventure. Back in July he modded Nintendo's exercise game to play Super Mario 64, and before that Dark Souls 3.

The modder's latest experiment locks the Joy-Con's analog stick until the player starts jogging-in-place in real life, and I shudder to think of how many miles you'd need to run to traverse Breath of the Wild's massive map and climb all the towers. Not to mention, battles involve actually swinging around the Joy-Con (the mod doesn't require the Ring-Con here), and you need to squat to pull up and navigate the menu.

I made a Ring Fit Adventure mod for BotW! Control the Game by Jogging and Squatting! from r/gaming

Needless to say, it looks like a great way to stay fit while we're all stuck at home, but from my understanding the official Ring Fit Adventure workouts are pretty arduous themselves. Still, SuperLouis64 insists on "playing games the wrong way," and in doing so hopes to shed a few pounds.

"I'll be tracking my calories/weight lost trying to beat the game," SuperLouis64 said in a Reddit reply (cheers, Polygon). "Most of it will come from diet changes but running away from electric keeses will definitely help out."

Godspeed, SuperLouis 64. You're a braver soul than I.

Ring Fit Adventure is just one of the best fitness games you can use to stay healthy inside until we can see the outside world again.

Jordan Gerblick

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