Best fitness games to help you exercise indoors

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With more people than ever currently looking for new ways to exercise, you've come to the right place to find the best fitness games to keep you active. While some of the games on our list need special equipment, such as Wii Fit's balance board or the Xbox 360's Kinect camera, we've tried to make sure that there's also a healthy mix of games that you can pick up and play straight away.

On top of that, we've also included mobile fitness games you can still play right now. The most important thing though is that these games help you get exercising while ensuring you stay safe. They'll also keep you pretty entertained as well, which is always a bonus. So, here's the best fitness games to help you exercise indoors.   

10. Fitness Boxing (Nintendo Switch)

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This fast-paced rhythm exercising game will get you working up a sweat in no time. As you've probably gathered from the title, the focus of the game is boxing, and you'll need to follow on-screen prompts to throw certain types of punches, as well as moving your body, in time to the beat. 

With a handy suite of features that let you track when to train, as well as a two player mode that lets you work out together or against each other, there's plenty to keep families working out in the space of their living room. Plus, you only need to use the joycons, so you don't need to worry about buying any extra peripherals.   

9. EA Sports Active (Wii)

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This old school Wii game is worth dusting off your console for if you can grab a copy online. You use your Wiimote and the Nunchuk strapped to your leg to complete various different workouts, such as boxing, jogging, and squats to name a few, all under the guidance of a virtual personal trainer. 

A 30 day challenge mode gives you a mode to quickly build up a routine with the game, while it also came with a resistance band that helped with exercises as well, letting you decide what pieces of equipment to use through custom workouts. While it's visuals might have aged a tad, it could be the perfect exercise companion if you can find a cheap copy online.

8. Pokemon Go (Mobile)

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While Pokemon Go will be less effective over the next couple of months as we're not able to go on meandering walks, it's still worth a spot on this list as Ninatic have revealed it's working on ways to be able to play the game from home. As a quick reminder, if you haven't played it for a while, Pokemon Go lets you catch Pokemon in the real world by finding them in the game's AR map. 

There are also PokeStops for you to discover and Raids you can take on with friends in the game. When we can start moving freely outdoors again, Pokemon Go is a handy app to have if you're planning on taking a seriously long walk. 

7. Your Shape Fitness Evolved (Xbox 360)

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Another slightly older title that will need equipment, Your Shape: Fitness Evolved is an Xbox 360 fitness game that focuses on monitoring your form through the Kinect Camera. This allows you to effectively tailor your movements so you're performing exercises in the right way. It's also got more of a sleek look than most fitness games, so if you're looking for a more straight-laced take on exercising this could be the one for you. 

If you've still got a Kinect and Xbox 360 (or can get one online), this is a good starting place to get you moving in your home. 

6. Zumba Burn It Up (Nintendo Switch)

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Based on the popular dance workout that your mum almost certainly does, Zumba Burn It Up is a great way to keep you moving while indoors. With a mix of pop songs and Zumba originals, as well as the ability to pick from 30 classes that match your fitness levels, Burn It Up is a great introduction to fitness dancing.

On top of that as well, it has a four player multiplayer mode, so you can get other people in the house involved, as well as the ability to play in Handheld mode. So, if the TV's in use, you can always move your Switch somewhere else to get a workout going. Who knows, you might end up joining a class when they start up again. 

5. Just Dance 2020 (PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Wii, Stadia) 

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Okay, we'll be up front and say the choice of songs on Just Dance 2020 might not be to your tastes. Even if you don't think Billie Eilish's bad guy is a tune, Just Dance 2020 is worth using to exercise at home for plenty of reasons. One is the Sweat Mode that tracks the amount of calories you burn during your dancing, putting up a playlist for you to dance along, giving it your all.

The other is the fact that no matter what console you decide to play on, you'll be able to easily set up and play with whatever equipment you have. Whether you're using the Joy-Cons, motion cameras, or even the mobile phone app, there's plenty of ways to get a groove on with Just Dance. It's multiplayer modes also mean you can get the whole family dancing along (if you could find tracks that keep them all happy that is). 

4. Nike+ Kinect Training (Xbox 360)

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Another Kinect fitness title, Nike+ Kinect Training is the best fitness game you can get on Xbox 360, offering up plenty of professional guidance as you take on a range of exercises, while letting you monitor your form in real time. While you'll need a Kinect camera to use it, it's worth digging your old one up, as it has plenty of fun mini-games, such as Split Decision, where you have to avoid a virtual wall that moves into the screen by dodging, jumping, and ducking. 

With its slick interface and welcoming approach with personal trainers who are encouraging without being grating, Nike+ Kinect Training is a strong fitness game to return to if you still have the console and camera.

3. Zombies, Run (Mobile)

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An innovative mobile running game, Zombies, Run tells the story of Runner 5 (that'd be you) as they jog their way through the zombie apocalypse. With multiple seasons to go through, there's plenty to keep of storylines to keep you invested already, but the reason this fitness game ranks so high on our list is that it's just introduced a new mini-storyline that focuses on home workouts. 

Titled The Home Front, these ten missions are free for anyone to play and don't require any specialist equipment at all. Plus, there are no story spoilers, if you've been catching up on the game's past seasons. It's a brilliant gesture and means you'll be able to keep fit without having to worry about the zombies outside. 

2. Wii Fit (Nintendo Wii)

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Wii Fit is a classic of the fitness game genre, with the Balance Board one of Nintendo's most popular peripherals. But just because Wii Fit is knocking on a bit doesn't mean it's still not a handy workout game. If you still have your Wii, the game boasts loads of body workouts for you to do, using the balance board to measure your form. 

It also has a handy jogging mode, giving you a relaxing town to jog through, so you can have the benefits of seeing some relaxing scenery, all while running on the spot. If you have a Balance Board in your attic, or can hunt one down online, it's worth returning to Wii Fit. 

1. Ring Fit Adventure (Nintendo Switch)

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Nintendo's latest foray into exercise gaming is also the best fitness game you can get. Ring Fit Adventure comes with a Ring-Con and Leg Strap that tracks how you perform various exercises, with the Ring-Con being used for everything from Yoga poses to leg kicks to overhead presses. It's simple to use, but an effective workout, especially on some of the higher levels of training. 

On top of that, its wonderful role playing story adds an entertaining game into the mix, which makes coming back day-in, day-out a real treat. Plus, Nintendo are supporting Ring Fit with free updates, one of which includes an entirely new rhythm action mode. For those reasons, that's why we're saying it's the best fitness game to get right now. 

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