Bran Stark will return for Game Of Thrones season 6

Game Of Thrones will bring one of its key characters back into the fold for season 6, with Variety reporting that Isaac Hempstead-Wright will be back in action as Bran Stark in the show's next run.

Last we saw, Bran, Hodor and friends were holed up north of the wall, safe under the watchful gaze of the three-eyed raven. With the show having accelerated his journey way beyond its other storylines, Bran spent the entirety of season five off-screen while the rest of the narrative caught up.

Since the show is now right up to date with the books, we've no way of knowing what lies ahead for the young Stark, although presumably he's spent the last season working on his warging abilities. Hopefully we'll get to see some more Hodor-smash antics next time around… No official air date has been confirmed as yet, but we'd imagine the new series will land in spring 2016.

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George Wales

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