Brain Buster Puzzle Party

Who says people are getting stupider? You wouldn't know it by the recent influx of games purporting to strengthen the old noodle. Brain Buster Puzzle Pak steps into the fad with seemingly the same aspirations. They've even got a doctor to show you around the joint.

In case anybody was wondering, Sudoku is here with50+ levels for you to cross-hatch, scan or simply bang your fist against your head; whatever your preferred method of number stacking might be. But an already popular puzzle, widely available in newspapers across the country may not have your hopes at high altitude. Fear not: BBPP 's biggest attribute is the inclusion of four other logic puzzles that make novel use of the DS touch screen.Now you don't want to just step into these. We recommend playing a round of Candy Land for a cerebral warm-up.

Above: SlitherLink and Light Up

Slitherlink is a line-based puzzle as well as the only one with even a slightly western name. It plays out on a lattice dot pattern. Your task is to draw a solid line, the numbers being your only education on which way to go. A 3 within a dot square only supports three lines around it, and a 1 only supports one surrounding line, and so on.