Born To Fight review

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No wires. No CG. No mercy. It's Ong-Bak meets Shaolin Soccer meets Delta Force.

Opening with a gun battle atop moving lorries, insane Thai actioner Born To Fight sees a team of gymnasts, sportsmen and athletes using their skills to save a Thai village from the heads of a brutal militia aiming to nuke Bangkok. Ridiculous? Abso-fucking-lutely. Directed by Ong-Bak choreographer Panna Rittikrai, Born To Fight doesn't raise the bar so much as set it on fire and start smacking people with it.

A baffling whisk of shaky, blood-on-lens realism and banzai insanity (a footy player taking out a sniper with a swerving 40-yard free-kick), Born To Fight is pure, balls-out stunt-reel cinema. By the final 40-minute traffic-jam of slo-mo skull-cracking, full-contact balletics and operatic ka-booms, you're left marvelling that they didn't hold the wrap party in a morgue.

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