We’ve got 10 minutes of brand new Borderlands 3 footage all about Moze, the mecha-riding badass

Moze isn’t exactly a subtle operator. When things get dicey, she’s the Borderlands 3 Vault Hunter who drops into her mecha, named the Iron Bear, and blows things up. Just in time for E3 2019, there's now a brand new 10 minutes of footage showing her kicking ass and taking names.

Destroying everything in her wake, Moze is taking on a whole host of bandits at a new swampy location, which means explosions, explosions, and more explosions. Moze’s mecha also has frickin’ targeted missiles so you don’t always have to carefully aim at your enemies. If you decide to go on a rampage, Moze’s mecha is definitely the action skill you want to have hidden up your sleeve. 

Raging Goliaths are making a comeback, but divert your attention to Moze’s mission objectives and you’ll see that she’s hunting down a Vault Key clue. Sounds like some of Borderlands 3’s gameplay will be focused around using deduction methods to figure out where Vault Keys are hidden across the galaxy, and if you choose to play as Moze you get to do it while riding inside a giant, mean, angry robot. What’s not to like? 

Moxxi makes a brief appearance in the gameplay clip too with a new updo, trying to get your to destroy radios around the swampy area that mindless praise the Calypso Twins. If the sweet-talking bar owner wasn’t enough for you, Moze also casually has a mini boss fight with El Dragon Jr. Yeah, there’s a lot to digest in this chunk of gameplay, so I don’t blame you if you’ve already stopped reading to gaze upon it with your eyeballs. No hard feelings, honestly. 

Zoe Delahunty-Light

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