Bokeh Game Studio reveals horror game will "mess with the player's mind"

Bokeh Game Studio
(Image credit: Bokeh Game Studio)

Bokeh Game Studio's co-founder discusses ambitions for their upcoming game in a new interview.

In the 11-minute feature just below, Bokeh Game Studio co-founder Kazunobu Sato talks about what the developers at the studio hope to achieve with their new game. Sato mentions that the game will "mess with the player's mind," and you'll be forced to make sacrifices as you progress through said game, with these sacrifices getting "quite nasty" in some instances.

During the interview, Sato also speaks about first being approached by fellow Bokeh Game Studio co-founder Keiichiro Toyama (who previously worked alongside Sato at Sony Japan). Sato recalls that he thought the concept that Toyama pitched to him would make for a terrible game, before swiftly revealing that he actually meant it in a positive way.

We get a glimpse of some of the motion capture process for Sato and Toyama's new game during the interview above. It appears as though the game is going to feature a massive flaming sword in some capacity, judging by the item the performance capture artist is using, which is definitely out of the ordinary for a traditional horror game like Silent Hill, which Toyama was obviously a huge part of.

Additionally, the game itself is described as an "action-adventure" game during the feature with Sato. Previously, Toyama spoke about wanting to craft a horror experience which catered to a wider audience, therefore choosing not to make Bokeh's new game a "hardcore horror game," but rather a "horror-orientated" game that more players can comfortably experience.

Right now, Bokeh Game Studios's debut game is planned for launch in 2023, and although it's currently being developed with PC as a primary platform, the developers want to bring it to as many console platforms as possible. We don't really know a whole lot about Toyama and Sato's new horror-adventure game, but we'll definitely be keeping an eye out for more cryptic bits of information like this over the coming months and years.

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