Blueberry review

Part Sergio Leone, part Lawnmower Man and all arbitrary casting, Blueberry's best described as a demented, esoteric 'supernatural Western'. Or something.

Adapted from French comic strips by Jean Giraud, Blueberry follows the adventures of the fruit-monikered frontier marshall (Vincent Cassel, effortlessly cool ) as he locks horns with Blount (Michael Madsen in Bud mode), girlfriend-killer, gold-stealer and all-round bad guy.

Swirling among the dry desert vistas and the hypnotic soundtrack are a whole load of trippy, peyote-supping, weirdo soul-stealing and freaky flashbacks (most featuring big fires and whores). Oh, and let's not forget the utterly gratuitous Juliette Lewis snatch shot. If it all sounds nonsensical and foolish, that's because it is, but this Euro-tosh still exhibits a certain stylistic flair, devil-may-care originality and occular eccentricity. Best viewed when projected on the wall of an achingly hip nightclub.

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