Blow up new Full Auto 2 screens

Monday 23 October 2006
Proving that a picture can say a thousand physics and particle-effect buzzwords, new screens of Full Auto 2: Battlelines, the PS3-only sequel to the Xbox 360-only original, have crashed on to our images tab.

It's hard to fault Battlelines for ticking all the expected videogame boxes - cars, guns, explosions - and then scribbling over the boxes with doodles of cars with guns, exploding. If there are subtle ways to show off the power of PS3, you won't find them here; it's all about speed and destructible everything, and mostly the latter.

Above: There's no need to watch those corners - you can just plough straight through them

Battlelines should get its chance to shine in the early days of PS3 online, being one of few non-Sony titles to have guaranteed network mash-ups - but bang for buck, our money's on next year's MotorStorm to take the demolition derby top-spot.