Bloodline Champions Closed Beta Key Giveaway

We’re excited to giveaway closed beta keys for Bloodline Champions. The PvP-focused title published by Funcom has been compared to Defense of the Ancients and World of Warcraft Arena. But instead of relying on killing creeps or grinding for thebest set of gear, Bloodlines is a more skill-based game. Critical hits and passive buffs don’t exist, healing and damage spells need to be manually aimed with a deft touch, and teamwork matters more than ever.

Plus, if you register with one of our beta keys, you’ll get an exclusive in-game GamesRadar title for your account, which will carry over to the final version of the game once it launches. Want to kill non-horses in the name of GamesRadar’s Senior Wildlife Editor B. Buttercup? Get your free code to start playing today.