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Blood: The Last Vampire review

Blood type? B for botched.

Stop us if you've heard this one before... In the shadows of our world, a lone warrior fights vampire hordes to save humanity despite being a half-breed Drac herself.

No Wes in black leather or Kate in Skin Two bondage gear here. Blood: The Last Vampire instead features Korean starlet Gianna Jun in a schoolgirl sailor uniform, pigtails flapping as she twirls her katana (hello fetishists...)

The plot's the usual Vampires Vs. Humans fight for supremacy - yadda, yadda, yadda - although with a good pedigree, since it's based on a superior, if little seen, anime that debuted in 2000.

Reheated in live action, the lean original gets padded out with new characters and backstory (did we really need an American teen sidekick?)

It's the action that really suffers, the anime's dynamism fizzling out as every samurai duel falls back on fake-looking CG squibs and a blur of fast-cut, see-nothing camera angles.

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