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BLOG Stargate Universe - season one so far

Do you have high expectations for Stargate Universe? Blogger Kell Harker doesn't, and she shares her thoughts on the conclusion of the premiere, as well as episode four.

Destiny is on the Menu

Not surprisingly I took my cue from Eli and started spewing out random pop-culture references because like every single recording that has been done with a Kino so far on the show, it has had no significant impact on plot or character development. Really, the purpose of my mock Kino message is to make my point clear that I don't like this aspect of the show at all. I know I’m a bit hung-up on on this thing, but I’ve found it more annoying than anything. However, it seems that the writers want to make it an important device for the plot of SGU, so I guess I'll take it with a grain of salt, and hope for the best without expecting too much to come from it. I'm still generally happy with the course the show seems to be on.

This is a personal article by Kell Harker, one of our bloggers . Episode five of Stargate Universe will air on SyFy this Friday in America and Canada, and in the UK next Tuesday on Sky1, will you be watching? Have you been disappointed with the series so far, or are you enjoying watching SGU? What do you think of the Kino recording devices? If you were on board Destiny, and were asked to leave a message on a Kino device, what might you say? Thoughts are welcome below.