BLOG True Blood 3.08 "Night on the Sun"

Blogger Kell Harker reviews episode eight of True Blood's new season. [WARNING: Contains spoilers!]

3.08 "Night on the Sun"

Written by Raelle Tucker
Directed by Lesli Linka Glatter

Blogger rating:

THE ONE WHERE Bill and Sookie break-up and then make-up; Jessica has a werewolf killin' training session with Bill; Eric gets some sweet vengeance.

VERDICT Besides the usual high dosage of gore, dark comedy, dirty nasty sex and filthy language, this episode also had some great drama mixed in there as well. We're eight episodes into the season and I'm excited to finally give out my first five star rating.

The long awaited maker – baby vamp bond between Bill and Jessica was heartwarming and their relationship doesn't (clears throat) have one ounce of sexual desire in it. Nope. Not at all. But because of the delayed mentorship from Bill she seems to be a wild card – will she stay sweet, or develop into a more dangerous vampire?

Franklin's alive?! Hooray! Oh no wait, it was only Tara's fantasy. Hurumpf. Tara has had some major character and storyline development this season, and even though she might not be my favourite of the show (bashing Franklin's head in with a mace certainly didn't win her any points with me) her emotional struggle as she tries to cope with her recent trauma had me sympathizing. Emotionally broken as she falls into the comforting arms of Sam made for a very powerful scene between the two characters and there was chemistry between them for the first time.

Bill and Sookie – whose real life connection spills onto the screen – portray their emotion of heartbreak convincingly. I nearly shed a tear when Bill said to her, "I love you, Sookie Stackhouse. And I will love you forever." Spanning the course of just one episode that has to be the quickest break-up to make-up in television history.

Trumping Bill and Sookie for porniest scene of the week is Eric and Talbot's romp on the mansion's rec room floor. That was a lot fun to watch, eh?! I was on the edge of my couch waiting for Eric to stake Talbot. I'm sure there was also a very moving vengeance speech that went along with Talbot's staking, but the nearly nude Alexander Skarsgard distracted me from hearing any dialogue in that moment. Oh shucks, that just means I'll have to watch it again.

EWWW! GROSS! In self-defence using a pair of scissors, Sookie carves a permanent smile on Debbie's face. I'm sure there's a "why so serious" reference in here somewhere.

FRANKLIN UPDATE Did anyone else openly weep when Talbot made the complaint that "Franklin's brains won't wash off the guest linens"? Because I did. Sniffle.

HOW TO TRAIN YOUR VAMPIRE The gamesome training session between Bill (mentor) and Jessica (baby) was cute and the special effects for their vamp-speediness super ability was cool.

LMAO Russell oh-so sweetly describes Sookie as being a "special c**t."

FANTASY VAMP Alright… so even though the shower fantasy sequence was mostly only Tara playing with herself, I have to feel appreciative of how Franklin managed to slip himself in for a quick cameo.

MORE SEX PLEASE, WE'RE HBO Albeit totally obvious that Eric was only seducing Talbot into sex in order to get his guard down so he could kill him with little fuss, it was still a jaw on the floor scene to watch. Well done, boys!

BREAKING UP IS HARD TO DO The night time air of violence and sexual longing is simply too overwhelming for Bill and Sookie as they spontaneously erupt into wild make-up sex.

BEST LINE Tara:[To Alcide about Sookie] "Maybe you can flirt some sense into that girl cuz logic sure ain't working."

This is a personal review from blogger Kell Harker. SFX's Ian Berriman gives his verdict in issue 201. What did you think of this episode? Share your thoughts about it in the comments section below.

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