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BLOG True Blood 2.08

Blogger Kell Harker searches online for Maryann’s “Hunter soufflé” recipe after watching True Blood [WARNING: Contains spoilers!]

2.08 “Timebomb”
Written by Alexander Woo
Directed by John Dahl

VERDICT Another satisfying season two episode with a little bit of gore, sex, love, action, and drama that had an explosive ending. True Blood in Dallas has created a really interesting storyline for Sookie, Bill, Jessica and Eric although it appears to be coming to an end soon now that the Godric has been found, and they’ll undoubtedly be returning to Bon Temps. That is, whoever survives Luke’s suicide bombing will be returning to Bon Temps...

In this episode Eric protected Sookie from the Fellowship of the Sun mob, so perhaps he’ll protect her again from Luke’s bomb. And although Eric tries to hide his feelings for Sookie (or loving feelings in general) it’s clear from his chivalrous act that he cares for her and wants to have her for himself. The relationship between Bill and Sookie is getting a bit boring anyway, so it might be a nice change to see Sookie with Eric.

I really like how they’ve portrayed 2000 year old Godric: young looking, wise, merciful and soft spoken. In terms of character development he’s been a nice surprise. Godric has also helped to bring out parts of Eric’s character that we hadn’t seen before like his ability to love someone other than himself.

Maryann’s storyline didn’t really go anywhere this episode (expect for the great soufflé recipe) so it may take Bill, Sookie, Jason, and Eric returning to Bon Temps to get things more interesting with her character again.

HUNTER SOUFFLE Want to know the secret to making the perfect airy and moist soufflé? Just add some heart into your cooking - literally. The key ingredient for Maryann’s “Hunter Soufflé” is a diced heart... and 2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce. Mmmm!

LIKE A VIRGIN Jessica is devastated when she realizes that she’ll essentially remain a virgin forever because of her healing ability as a vampire.

OUCH! If it were a regulated game overseen by a referee, Sarah would have been flagged for misconduct for disobeying the minimum distance rule when tagging Jason with her paintball maker in his, ahem, baby maker. That’s definitely going to leave a welt...

BEST QUOTABLE MOMENT Sookie: “Godric is your maker.”
Eric: “Don’t use words you don’t understand.”
Sookie: “You love him.”
Eric: “Don’t use words I don’t understand.”

This episode reviewed by SFX in issue 188 (four and a half stars). For more True Blood blogs and reviews, click on the True Blood tag on this page.