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SFX Blogger Narin Bahar updates us on the latest news, including that Mitchell will be a very Jewish vampire

More news on Being Human US has emerged thanks to Broadcast magazine (opens in new tab) , and anyone worried it'll be a complete rehash just swapping Bristol for Boston can rest assured they now have other things to worry about.

First the good news. The 12-part show will be filmed in Canada with a budget of $25 million (around £17.5 million) and will air in Syfy in the US in early 2011. Husband and wife team Jeremy Carver ( Supernatural ) and Anna Fricke ( Everwood – no, me neither) are lead writers. It's currently being cast.

Executive Producer Rob Pursey (also involved with the has said the US version will reveal more about the main characters’ family relationships. While it will keep the “chemistry” of the original, and start with the same premise of a vampire and werewolf moving into the ghost’s flat because it’s going cheap, it will take a different course from there.

Speaking to Broadcast he said: “Without letting go of the DNA of the original, it is evolving into quite a different show. It will be pacier and the characters hinterlands are broader. So with Josh, [the US version of George], you get to see another aspect of how he copes with being the outsider.”

Like George, Josh will be “a bit of a geek”, while Mitchell, the vampire character will be made “very obviously Jewish”.

Pursey added: “Syfy is very keen to take the humour and humanity rather than just the vampires, they want it to push the channel more mainstream.”

Does “obviously Jewish” mean Mitchell will metamorphose into a Woody Allen cliché? How worried are you for the US translation of this so British of shows – will it transform into its own beast (like the US version of The Office ) or sink like The IT Crowd , Spaced , Life On Mars and many others before it?

What do you think? Have your say in the comments below...

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