Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII - hands-on

Motion-sensitive flying is a cool addition, but Blazing Angels is more than just a straight port with fancy new controls. The PS3 version also features 10 new planes, including the plywood De Havilland Mosquito and the P-82 Twin Mustang, a weird machine that looks like two fighters smashed together. All the game's planes are equally easy to fly, however, whether you're fighting off Zeroes over Pearl Harbor or strafing battleships in the fjords of Norway. And with the new first-person mode, aviation fans can get a close-up view of their cockpits.

The PS3 version also features two new single-player missions, and it beefs up the 16-player online matches a little by adding an Adversarial mode, in which teams compete to blow up each other's bases. New stuff aside, Blazing Angels already plays better than a significant chunk of the PS3's launch lineup, and the tilt controls mean that new PS3 owners will want to at least try it out. Expect to see this one in stores shortly after the PS3 hits.