Blaseball, the world's weirdest sports sim, returns today with a newbie-friendly reboot

(Image credit: The Game Band)

Blaseball is finally making its grand return later today on January 9.

After being away for roughly a year, the weirdest sports simulation game is finally back with a triumphant return. Developer The Game Band announced Blaseball would be returning later today on January 9, but there's just one tiny catch: the app for playing Blaseball isn't actually ready yet.

"To ensure players will get the optimal experience on the new mobile experience, The Game Band is taking the time during the first games to really polish up the experience and have it ready for when the [REDACTED] [REDACTED]," The Game Band said in an announcement earlier today.

However, as always, it's worth remembering you can simply play Blaseball through the game's own website (opens in new tab). While we'll have to wait a little longer for the official app on PC and mobile devices, there's thankfully still an easy way to get into Blaseball today.

Speaking of, The Game Band is actually billing this return of Blaseball as a full "reboot" of the game. The developer has apparently re-launched the game with the intention of it being easier to play for newcomers, who won't have to study up on in-game lore or rules for too long before delving headlong into the action.

There's no doubt people out there who've been too intimidated by Blaseball to get into it in the past, and this new re-launch aims to address just that. Here's hoping Blaseball's grand return today gives it the boost the developers are looking for.

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