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Celebrate the finale of Black Panther by Ta-Nehisi Coates with 12 covers

Black Panther #25 variant cover by Patrick Gleason
Black Panther #25 variant cover by Patrick Gleason (Image credit: Patrick Gleason (Marvel Comics))

The finale of Ta-Nehisi Coates' five-year run on Black Panther is set to hit stands on May 26, and for the occasion, Marvel is rolling out a wide array of variant covers.

In addition to the main cover by series artist Daniel Acuña, variants have been revealed from Sam Spratt, Brian Stelfreeze, Natacha Bustos, Juan Cabal, Carmen Nunez Carnero, Joshua Cassara, Iban Coello, Patrick Gleason, Peach Momoko, R.B. Silva, and Carlos Pacheco.

Here's a gallery of all 12 Black Panther #25 covers:

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Black Panther #25

(Image credit: Daniel Acuna (Marvel Comics))

Black Panther #25 covers

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Black Panther #25

(Image credit: Sam Spratt (Marvel Comics))
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Black Panther #25

(Image credit: Brian Stelfreeze (Marvel Comics))
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Black Panther #25

(Image credit: Natacha Bustos (Marvel Comics))
Image 5 of 12

Black Panther #25

(Image credit: Juan Cabal (Marvel Comics))
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Black Panther #25

(Image credit: Carmen Nunez Carnero (Marvel Comics))
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Black Panther #25

(Image credit: Joshua Cassara (Marvel Comics))
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Black Panther #25

(Image credit: Iban Coello (Marvel Comics))
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Black Panther #25

(Image credit: Patrick Gleason (Marvel Comics))
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Black Panther #25

(Image credit: Peach Momoko (Marvel Comics))
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Black Panther #25

(Image credit: R.B. Silvan (Marvel Comics))
Image 12 of 12

Black Panther #25

(Image credit: Patrick Gleason (Marvel Comics))

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"It's the end of an era for the Black Panther as renowned writer Ta-Nehisi Coates concludes his Wakandan epic! Over five years, Coates has taken the Black Panther to hell and back and expanded Wakanda into the distant stars," reads Marvel's description of Black Panther #25. 

"Now, in his final issue, he brings T'Challa full circle, back to the home he left behind…and the crown he has never fully accepted. This is the story of a king who sought to be a hero, a hero who was reduced to a slave, a slave who advanced into legend…and the man who has struggled to hold up an empire in his bare hands. The journey will conclude, but the legend remains."

For the occasion, original series artist Brian Stelfreeze is returning to the title to draw a special epilogue written by Coates.

"Ta-Nehisi has come up with a truly special finale here, one that not only wraps up the current story of T'Challa's attempt to stop Emperor N'Jadaka's conquest of Wakanda, but also deals with elements that reach all the way back to the beginning of Ta-Nehisi's run," series editor Wil Moss said earlier this year. "Black Panther #25 is an immensely satisfying conclusion, with twists you won't see coming and repercussions that will be felt for years to come."

Black Panther #25 goes on sale on May 26. The final arc will be collected as Black Panther Book 9: The Intergalactic Empire Of Wakanda Part Four, on sale June 23.

Coates' Black Panther is among the best Black Panther stories of all time.

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