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Black Ops' Nuketown remade in Lego Worlds is begging for a no-scope brickshot

Treyarch developers aren't the only people who get to remake Call of Duty: Black Ops' Nuketown. The same Lego Worlds artist who recreated Metal Gear Solid's intro area has turned his attention to the most shot-up map in Call of Duty history with phenomenal results. Lego Worlds even lets you mock-up a first-person shooter mode for the true experience.

I love the attention to detail on both building interiors. All it's missing is an actual nuclear bomb going off at the end, though a big mushroom cloud made out of bricks might not have the same effect. I can't wait to see what gets remade in Lego Worlds next - I mean, I'm not gonna be the guy who says "all of Los Santos from GTA 5" but I certainly wouldn't mind it.

For more fun with Lego, see how Hideo Kojima is using them to rough out the plot for Death Stranding - no, seriously.

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