Black Ops 3's second DLC has a new version of World at War's Banzai map, coming April 19

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 players on PS4 can download the game's second DLC pack on April 19, Activision and Treyarch announced today. The next bundle of four competitive multiplayer maps and one new Zombies mission is titled, drumroll please… Eclipse.

As in Awakening, the pack includes three all-new maps and one modernized version of a Call of Duty fan favorite: Banzai from World at War has been reworked into Verge, a new map with familiar chokepoints including a central bridge, fortresses, and tunnels. The other three maps are Spire, a multi-tiered futuristic airport with steep drops at every turn; Rift, a close-quarters military complex set over an active volcano; and Knockout, a mid-range map in the middle of a Kung Fu tournament at a '70s cinema inspired Shaolin Temple.

If Zombies is more your speed, Eclipse also includes the new Zetsubou No Shima map. The Zombies Origins story continues with "Tank" Dempsey and the gang stranded on a Pacific island housing a secret Division 9 research facility (those things are everywhere). You'll face down and/or flee from new zombie types using several ways to get around the level, and work your way through a gaggle of Zombies side quests.

Eclipse will be available on its own for $15/£11.59 or as part of the $49.99/£34.99 Black Ops 3 Season Pass. Activision plans to release two more DLC packs as part of the season pass, and then Call of Duty may blast off into space.

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