The best Black Friday 4K TV deals to help complete your gaming set-up

black friday 4k TV deals

If one thing is certain it's that the Black Friday 4K TV deals will be epic. If you're looking for incredibly deep, radical discounts on TVs, Black Friday is always your best bet to grab a gorgeous new 4K panel, as long as you don't mind diving in early and risking stock shortages. It happens every year, and most people looking to upgrade to 4K or get a next generation 4K TV will do so on Black Friday 2018. That said, TVs are always one of the marquee items on sale at most big box electronic and online retailers during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday hysteria, so chances are even if you miss the window at one store, you'll probably be able to find another plump deal waiting to be plucked elsewhere. After all, Black Friday is more like 'Black November' nowadays.

With global economies on the rebound post-recession and an escalating fever amongst retailers to be the first and most appealing Black Friday destination, 2017 was a big year for post-Thanksgiving shopping. It also saw some Black Friday deals starting as early as the previous weekend, so don't be surprised if you see ads popping up weeks or months in advance heralding all the most enticing deals. The Black Friday 4K TV deals are sure to be huge this year now that most panels have hit the 2160p sweet spot between early adoption and obsolescence, so if you're late to the UHD party Black Friday's probably the best time to get on board. Meanwhile, if you're looking to get educated before you shop, or just don't feel like waiting until November, check out our guides to the best LG TVs for gaming, the best Samsung TVs for gaming, or our pick for the best 4K TV for under $500.

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When will Black Friday happen this year?

Thanksgiving in the United States always occurs on the fourth Thursday in November, which means that Black Friday this year will bare its razored capitalist claws on November 23rd. Again, though, Black Friday has become less of a single day and more of a weeks or month long event the last few years, so expect deals to start appearing well in advance of the actual date, and to continue long past Cyber Monday. Stay tuned to GamesRadar, we'll keep you thoroughly updated as deals materialize.

What is Black Friday as an event, and where did it get its name?

Despite some confusion about potential religious significance, the Black part of Black Friday just refers to retailers finally starting to turn a profit, or 'run in the black' during their fiscal year. Bookkeepers used to record a company's profits in black ink in the ledgers, and losses in red, and while the practice hasn't endured, the terminology has stuck with us. 

Black Friday started formally in the 60s, and marks the time when retailers properly turn up the heat on the Christmas shopping sales frenzy. It's become a second holiday of sorts immediately on the heels of American Thanksgiving; while the deals used to primarily be doorbusters to entice customers inside during the post-Thanksgiving shopping blitz, sales now extend to all manner of consumer electronics, home appliances, and other retail categories whose items are traditionally given as gifts. 

Black Friday 4K TV deals - what to expect in 2018

All the usual suspects had strong 4K TV discounts during Black Friday last year, including Best Buy and Walmart as well as online retailers and manufacturers. Full disclosure, I got my current LG 55' panel at something like 30% off the MSRP during the Black Friday rush last year. Deals this year are likely to be even more robust; expect some decent quality 4K sets in the sub 50' range for just a couple hundred bucks, and at the other end of the spectrum some heavy roll backs on giant OLEDs. I also wouldn't be surprised to see some curved panels being heavily discounted in November, given that they haven't really gotten the foothold with consumers a lot of manufacturers were hoping.

If you're looking to pick up one of the best gaming TVs, you'll get the chance to do so over the Black Friday period. Often the most expensive panels get the biggest discounts, so you can potentially save $1000s if you're willing to stretch your budget a little further.

Black Friday 2018 - what to watch for on GamesRadar

Black Friday is about more than just great deals on sexy new TVs, of course. It's about friendship, harmony, and recapturing the spirit of human cooperation. 

Just kidding, it is of course about rampant consumerism and blowing a ton of money to get the big ticket items you can't afford the rest of the year (or, maybe if you really are touched by the spirit of generosity, getting someone you love an amazing Christmas gift). Naturally, we'll have full coverage of every deal as it appears, whether game, console, PC, accessory, or anything else even peripherally related to gaming. To tide you over, here are some the best deals on consoles you can pick up right now, if you don't want to wait those two excruciating months to grab a PS4 Pro or Xbox One X and join the 4K revolution. 

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