Bite-sized nostalgia from Capcom

Two additional downloadable titles in the Capcom pipeline are Rocketmen: Axis of Evil and Talisman. The first, Rocketmen, is an overhead shooter for 1-4 players and based on a constructible strategy gamereleased in 2005. In the game, and in the series of webisodes it inspired, an alliance of humans, Mercurians and Venusians fight together against an evil legion of Martians using space ships, laser blasters and other basic sci-fi trappings. The style is kid-friendly and retro futuristic, like something out of Disney's Tomorrowland, but fast shoot 'em-up action and sexy, scantily clad alien women could attract the older crowd. Rocketmen also has some role playing depth to it, with three character classes (Fighter, Engineer, Outcast) and experience points you can put towards improving and customizing your hero. The game is scheduled for release on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network this fall.

Not much was said or shown about Talisman, due out this winter for Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network and PC. We know it's based on the fantasy board / role-playing game from Games Workshop and that it will support between one and four players, online or off. The promise of a 3D game board with fully animated characters, creatures and spells, however, sounds intriguing. It also sounds like something we haven't really seen done on the arcade-leaning Xbox Live yet.

At the event, Capcom promised that these four titles were just the beginning of their downloadable, cross-platform content and that we'd be seeing many more to come. This is a good start, guys, but we know we won't be satisfied until we see a high-def Mega Man II on our next-gen systems. Get on that, will ya?

April 13, 2007

Charlie Barratt
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