BioShock "PlasmidPack1" rumors emerge

Sept 6, 2007

Is nothing safe anymore? Doesn't look like it. People digging around the game's innards have stumbled upon what they're claiming are details of downloadable content for the awesome BioShock.

The first thing you've got to remember is that there's no option to download extra content in the Bioshock menu. The second thing you've got to remember is that it can be added via the wonder of Xbox Live. Didn't it happen with one of the Doom games back on Xbox?

Anyway, it looks like we're in for extra Plasmid action in the form of four new powers: Machine Buster, Vending Expert, Sonic Boom and EVE Saver. They all speak for themselves but the whispers don't go as far as saying if they'll be free or not.

We'd like to think they would be, it's not like a whole new level or a multiplayer map pack that 2K's giving away...

Check out the up-skirt shothere. We'll get on to 2K this morning but we reckon it's all true - that new Plasmids are coming, not about them being free. We're only guessing at that...

Courtesy of CVG.