BioShock movie announced

Take-Two has entered a partnership with Universal Studios to make a BioShock movie, and Gore Verbinski has been tapped to direct it.

"I was hanging out a lot with Ken Levine talking about gaming in general and I heard from Ken directly that they were thinking about making a movie," Verbinski toldVariety.

"Of all the games out there, I think 'BioShock' is the one that's the most engaging. I think the whole utopia-gone-wrong story that's cleverly unveiled to players is brimming with cinematic potential."

Verbinski stated that he sees BioShock on the scale of Blade Runner rather than Pirates of the Caribbean, so don't expect something like the overblown antics of Jack Sparrow to be featured in the movie.

Instead, he's focusing the utopian visuals and the theme of free will. He also confirmed that he's in talks with Ken Levine and his top priority is not to damage the franchise with the adaptation.

The Hollywood man has increasingly expressed an interest in games development over the past few months. Speaking to the LA Times in March he called the games development model broken and that he was interested in developing emotional games.

In addition to directing BioShock, Verbinski intends to continue pursuing his own gaming projects on the side.

Courtesy of CVG.

May 9, 2008