BioShock Infinite's Handyman takes spotlight in trailer

Irrational Games has unveiled the next “Heavy Hitter” scheduled to make life a little harder for Booker and Elizabeth in BioShock Infinite. Remember how last week we said the Motorized Patriot was Columbia's Big Daddy? Looks like we spoke too soon...

The Handyman enemy type gets its moniker from its massive, porcelain hands which are used to reduce foes to pulp and – presumably – fix the odd leak. In the interview, he is described as a “tragic figure” who, much like the Big Daddy, has been sentenced to a mechanical prison and doomed to a life of squashing all those who cross his path. Ken Levine hints players will come to sympathize with the Handyman at some point in their adventures, saying, “There's a certain sadness to who they are and how they got there, but I'd rather gamers find that out in the course of the game.”

This is the second “Heavy Hitter” to be featured by Irrational for BioShock Infinite. Look for more unsavory baddies to be revealed in the coming weeks, or save the surprise for BioShock Infinite's release on October 16 in North America, and October 19 everywhere else.

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