BioShock Infinite Infusion locations guide: Where to upgrade your health, shield, and salts

The Good Time Club

The Good Time Club - Infusion #13

After battling Fink's selection of minions in the main area, all the doors will unlock. Look for the one near the Dollar Bill vending machine on the lower level. In here is a large bar where the next Infusion waits.

The Plaza of Zeal (Return)

Plaza of Zeal - Infusion #14

Once you step off the elevator and enter Finkton, you'll be in the Plaza of Zeal. Turn right, head forward, and turn right again to find some docks. Over here is a locked door Elizabeth can pick. On the far wall inside is a Vox Populi code.

Continue on your adventure until you reach the Good Time Club. In the lower rooms, Elizabeth will point out Chen-Lin's prison cell. In the very next room, the code book for Vox Populi spot rests on a stack of posters for Chen-Lin's shop. Pick it up, and return to the spot in the Plaza of Zeal. The secret safe will contain an Infusion.


The Bull Yard - Infusion #15

Once you step off the elevator, bear left. You'll find this atop a table covered in rotten fruit, just past the sign that reads "Keep yer guns, we need food."

Bull House Impound

The Bull House - Infusion #16

Once you enter the police station proper, head upstairs. In the center is a large area filled with desks. Head to the back left office to find a locked chest. You'll need to find the keys to get the Infusion inside.

The keys can be found in the basement of the Graveyard Shift bar. The bar is a straight shot from the elevator from Finkton, so head there and descend the stairs. The keys are sitting on a barrel in the corner opposite the guitar. With keys in hand, you can return to the locked chest and claim the power up inside.

The Bull House - Infusion #17

Once you enter the police station proper, head upstairs. To the left is a locked door Elizabeth can pick. Head through to find this atop a table in the small room.

The Factory

Office of Jeremiah Fink - Infusion #18

After the huge gunfight in the outer area, you'll have access to the central tower. Enter and head through the double doors on the left to find this on a table by the window.


Port Prosperity Station - Infusion #19

Once you enter the station, make a left at the fallen statue. Over here is a large locked gate Elizabeth can pick. Do so, and follow the hallway to the right. At the end, you'll find an Infusion in a bucket.

Port Prosperity

The Salty Oyster - Infusion #20

On your way to Comstock's house (just before entering Grand Central Depot), you'll come to a small courtyard. On the right side from where you enter is The Salty Oyster bar. You'll have to have Elizabeth pick the lock to enter, and you won't be able to find the room where this Voxophone waits until you find the "Sally" Voxophone.

Once you do so, you'll learn about the switch by the cash register. Hit that switch to open a kitchen area. In here, you'll find this power-up atop the center table.

Downtown Emporia

Market District - Infusion #21

After the huge firefight in the Financial District, you'll have several locked doors you can investigate. Head to the one clearly labeled for the Market District* and have Elizabeth pick her way through.

Follow the path until you spot Wilson Bros. & Company Bottling Works. Have Elizabeth pick the locked door, then look left to find this Infusion by the window.

*Note: After the battle in the Financial District, you can take either Harmony Lane or the Market District to reach the Comstock House. We recommend using the Harmony Lane route, as you must enter the Market District later in the game anyway.

Memorial Gardens

Laboratory Lutece - Infusion #22

Once you reach the lab, head upstairs to the bedroom. You'll find this atop a desk in the corner of the room.

Bank of the Prophet Main Hall - Infusion #23

Rather than heading down into the vault, head down the hallway to the opposite area. In the back, under the bloody words that say "Hoarder," is a Vox Populi cipher written on a notepad.

The code book for this cipher is just inside the entrance to the Market District from the Financial District. In this spot is an open store called Hudson's. Head to the basement to find the code book atop a shelf in the corner room. Now return to the cipher and use the typewriter to open a secret chamber containing a bunch of goodies, including this Infusion.

Operating Theater

The Operating Theater - Infusion #24

After freeing Elizabeth, head to the locked door in the back of the area - this leads to the way out. Before leaving, have her pick the locked door opposite this one. Head up the stairs to find a bunch of goodies atop a desk, including this Infusion. Congratulations – you've found all of the BioShock Infinite Infusions!

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