BioShock creator hints at sequel

Aug 28, 2007

Next Gen caught up with creator Ken Levine to discuss some of the issues surrounding the PC launch, broken Big Daddies and what's next for the team (after a well-earned holiday).

"Am I interested in continuing to work in the world?" is a question Next Gen poses, to which Levine answers "Yes, I am." The second question, if there is a popular demand for such work, is also answered in the positive by Levine. Though in truth he need not answer at all with the game's high scores and server-breaking sales.

But the third question is whether or not the story is complete, whether or not BioShock has told all there is to tell.

"I think that's the question we have to ask now," Levine states. Hopefully he'll take the weekend off first.

Read the full interviewhere.

What story, you ask? Well wespill the beans on everything BioShockright over here.