BioShock 2 trailer hits interwebs!

For our in-depth analysis of the trailer, headhere (opens in new tab).

This shaky-cam YouTube video shows what appears to be a teaser for BioShock 2 found in the Extras menu on the retail PS3 version of BioShock. The teaser consists of one shot, pulling back from a scraggly Big Daddy doll to reveal a Little Sister standing on a beach looking at the sunrise (it’s the Atlantic Coast, and since America is the Center of the World we assume she’s looking East.) As the camera continues to pull back, the buildings of Rapture rise up out of the sand and finally a BioShock 2 logo appears with the tagline “Sea of Dreams.” So what does it mean, besides the obvious announcement of a sequel? The Little Sister looks a bit older, but still a child. Is she the main character? The buildings rising from the beach – are Splicers going to invade the world on the surface? What’s the deal with the little blue butterfly that sprouts out of the logo at the end? Looks like it's shaking some water off its wings, like its drying off... More potential evidence that BioShock 2 will come up from the undersea. We’re literally salivating to know more, and will update you as soon as we do. Till then, let the speculation run rampant!