Beyond Good & Evil 2 is still a go

Last week wereported on a rumorthat Beyond Good & Evil 2's lead designer, Michel Ancel, left Ubisoft for a new studio, thus suspending development of the crazy anticipated sequel. Balderdash, says a representative from Ubisoft, whotold Eurogamerthat Ancel is still with Ubi, and that BG&E2's development is unchanged.

Still, therumor only seemed plausible because we've heard nary a chirp about BG&E2 since theteaser trailertwo years ago, excepting one update that the game is "still in development." Why Ubisoft is maintaining radio silence is unclear. It doesn'tmake us feel better thatinstead of assuring us that development is going great, Ubisoft told Eurogamer, "There are no changes on the horizon." So... still not going to show us anything? Well bosh.We'll just have to assume thatUbisoft Montpellier is simply waiting for the right time to unveil the game... like at E3 this month? Maybe? Please?

Jun 1, 2010

Associate Editor, Digital at PC Gamer