The 13 best zombie games you can play right now

6. Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare

Time to stirrup some zombie trouble

Release date: Oct 2010 | Formats: PS3, Xbox 360, PC | Score: 4.5/5

A perfect zombie re-skin
Plenty of fresh brai...content
You'll spend hours
Do you not like killing zombies?

What would happen if zombies infested the wild, wild West? Undead Nightmare, that’s what. The Red Dead Redemption DLC has all the characteristics that made the main storyline so great, only now almost everything you encounter is a walking bag of rotting flesh. You'll meet up with the same familiar characters from the standard campaign, who will probably be getting chewed on by brain-eaters. There are new weapons and quests to find, towns to defend, and mythological horses missing their neck meat to be tamed. It's plenty to keep you occupied well beyond the six-hour story campaign.

The Undead Nightmare DLC is just about big enough to be considered its own game. The transformed environment brings a completely new feel to the early 1900s open-world. With so much to do, a Western territory to explore, and zombies to blow apart with your brand new blunderbuss, this is one undead expansion you don’t want to miss.

5. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies

Scream if you want to die faster

Release date: Nov 2016 | Formats: PS4, Xbox One, PC | Score: 4.5/5

Perfect 80s horror tone
There's rollercoasters
Lots of absurd weapons
You'll want a full game

You really have to give Call of Duty some props for going as far as it has with its Zombies modes. Now Zombies has turned into a full-blown Call of Duty staple, culminating in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare's zombies mode, set in a deliciously 80's theme park, full of neon colours, legwarmers, and boomboxes.  

Of all the other zombie games on this list, Infinite Warfare's zombies are a little more "out there". You can ride on a functioning rollercoaster, play in the Afterlife Arcade, and shuffle your Fate & Fortunes cards to decide which ridiculous perks you want by your side as you rampage around the 80's theme park. As if that wasn't enough there's also quests to complete, challenges to tick off, and lots of ridiculous guns to mow down zombies with. Though it may be a bit strange, Zombies is one of the best reasons to gather up a group for 4-player co-op and shoot some undead monsters in the face.

4. Left 4 Dead 2

The undead king of co-op zombie murder

Release date: Nov 2009 | Formats: Xbox 360, PC | Score: 4.5/5

Perfect co-op zombie killing
Incredible levels
Like playing a movie
Stopping is a problem

The Left 4 Dead series is the ultimate co-op zombie survival experience. If you like to go out on your own and try to be Rambo, you're as good as dead. It's all about trying to get as many of your team members from point A to point B in one piece, and that requires teamwork. Standing in your way is a horde of zombies - though they aren't the typical slow moving stumblers. The standard zombies are quick on their feet, and sprint towards you at full speed, which is absolutely horrifying.

But the standard zombies are only the tip of the iceberg. The real threats are the special, player-controlled super infected, like the original game's Hunter, Boomer, and Smoker. In the sequel, things get even more hectic with the addition of the Charger, Jockey, and Spitter. Alone each zombie type isn't much of a threat to a coordinated survivor team. But when the super zombies work together, it could mean instant death for the heavily armed humans. If you're looking for a zombie title that lets you cooperate with or decimate your friends, Left 4 Dead 2 can't be beat.

3. Resident Evil 4

Fear and loathing with Las Plagas

Release date: Jan 2005 | Formats: PS4, Xbox One, PS2, Xbox 360, PC, Wii, GameCube | Score: 4/5

Redefined the 3rd person shooter
Incredible set pieces
Terrifying enemies
Tank controls will kill you now

Forget the series' classic tank controls and fixed camera perspective - Resident Evil 4 made the survival horror genre (arguably) even creepier, with a more action heavy over-the-shoulder view. And though it's more fast-paced than its predecessors, Leon's mission isn't without its shit-your-pants moments. RE4 has it all: mutant monsters, big undead-slaying guns, terrifying scares, and mysterious strangers selling you colored herbs out of their coat pockets.

Once again, you take control of Leon Kennedy in his lone quest to rescue the President's daughter from a mysterious cult. And you know what those cultists end up being (spoilers)? Yeah, zombies. But these aren't your standard RE2 zombies: they're Las Plagas. So, instead of nibbling on your neck a little, they might just grow a giant worm out of their cranium and bite your head off. Oh, and don't forget about those horrifying chainsaw guys. Worst. Death. Ever.

2. The Walking Dead

Go, my darling Clementine

Release date: April 2012 | Formats: PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, PC, Mobile | Score: 5/5

Exceptional storytelling
Engaging characters
Stressful decisions
You'll cry

It would be a grave sin not to include Telltale's The Walking Dead as one of the best zombie games of all time. While other zombie titles would have you endlessly chopping off heads, or blowing undead brains to bits with a shotgun, this point-and-click adventure explores the human side of the zombie apocalypse. Instead of testing your aim, this adaptation tests your social decision-making and your nerves--because damn, there's some messed up stuff that happens in this game.

You play as Lee Everett, a convicted murderer who finds himself as the protector of an orphaned little girl named Clementine. As you encounter other survivors, you'll end up making decisions down the line that have dire repercussions for your group members. But the worst part (yet simultaneously the best) is that you develop a connection with the characters in your party. So, when those bad things start to happen, you'll feel like it was your friend that you just saw get eaten alive rather than a mere video game character. People will die, the unexpected will happen, and decisions will need to be made. And you'll just have to live with the consequences.

1. The Last of Us

A zombie masterpiece with brains and heart

Release date: June 2013 | Formats: PS4, PS3 | Score: 5/5

Incredible action
Heartfelt storytelling
A beautiful apocalypse
Things get stressful

Not only is The Last of Us our Game of the Year for 2013, it's also the most intense, enthralling, and engrossing gaming experience involving undead flesh eaters. It takes you through a dangerous cross-country journey through the infected United States which has been completely overrun by plant life. In addition to mushroom-brained zombies that are waiting to rip your jugular out with their teeth, the world is filled with desperate gun-toting humans, a repressive government, and psychotic villains standing in the way of your destination. And best of all, you'll be dragging a snarky teenage girl along with you (not that Ellie is a hinderance - she actually gets pretty badass as the story develops).

Joel and Ellie's quest is as dark as it is tense. The dilapidated, creepy environments set the perfect tone for the stealth/survival gameplay that cranks up the suspense to almost unbearable levels. This isn't your typical go-in-guns-blazing zombie game. You'll have to sneak past stronger foes, conserve your ammo, and scavenge for supplies. The action-packed moments let you feel every bone-crushing, face-smashing blow, and the dramatic scenes are just as emotionally engaging. If you're looking for the ultimate zombie survival experience, The Last of Us is by far the best you're going to get.