Best Xbox Series X accessories

Best Xbox Series X accessories
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Xbox Series X accessories are still pretty thin on the ground. The console is new and radically different from its predecessor so not any of the old accessories work. We've pulled together our favorite accessories from this first wave and will continue to update you with more as we get more to play with! Whether it is headphones, or stands, or anything in between, we've got you covered.

Organisation is key

Dacckit cooling stand

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DACCKIT Vertical Cooling Stand (opens in new tab)

The extra four USB are really helpful!

The Xbox Series X is a chunky boy, and we love it, but it does need a place to stand. We love having the tower upright as it looks great and takes up less space, so the Dacckit cooling stand is a perfect choice.

Not only does the stand have a cooling fan but it also boasts a four-port USB hub so you can charge all of your peripherals easily. The added additions of the game box stand and controller stand rounds out this set splendidly.

Stunning Audio

Sennheiser GSP 600

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Sennheiser GSP 600 (opens in new tab)

The best headset I've ever used

The GSP 600 is, hands-down, the best gaming headset I've ever used. As you expect from Sennheiser, the sound quality is excellent, and the voice quality is just as good. The headset is comfortable for long playtimes, and the volume control and mic muting system are cleverly hidden away to give the best aesthetic looks. I really like this headset.

More power!

Venom charging dock

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Venom Charging Dock with Rechargeable Battery (opens in new tab)

Play for as long you need

When your controller stops mid-game because the batteries die, you know your day is going to suck. The venom charging dock solves that by having your controller charging whenever you aren't using it. As long as you remember to put the controller in the cradle when you are done, you will have a full battery every session.

Best for streaming

Razer Kishi

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Razer Kishi for Android (opens in new tab)

Take your Xbox with you wherever you go

With an Xbox game pass ultimate subscription you can stream your Xbox games to your Android phone. The Razer Kishi is specifically designed to take advantage of this by offering you a fantastic controller experience. The Kishi works really well and makes playing your Xbox games on-the-go a breeze.

Ready player two

Red Xbox controller

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Xbox Wireless Controller - Pulse Red (opens in new tab)

It's so pretty!

If you are likely to play with friends, you will need an extra controller. Now, you could go with a standard black one, but that might be a little dull. Go for this racy red number instead; it looks way cooler. It's also designed for the Xbox Series X/S so has the dedicated sharing button that we all want.

Geometric design

PlayVital Xbox series X skin

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PlayVital Colorful Triangle Custom Vinyl Skin (opens in new tab)

Change up the big black box

Having a big black box stuck sat next to your TV isn't the nicest view. With this beautiful decal skin from PlayVital, you can make that dull black vibrant and alive. I love the triangles all through this design and the colours really make everything pop.