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Best of GR videos: Bionic arm charms, destroys San Francisco

Thanks to your irrational love of loud, opinionated games coverage, GamesRadar has now thrived online for five (!) full years. We%26rsquo;ve got several celebratory plans in motion, but we also wanted to take this time to present some of our older video hits that may have slipped by in the past 60 months. Enjoy these %26ldquo;best of%26rdquo; hits and THANK YOU for allowing our stupidness to invade your life on a daily basis.

In mid 2008, Capcom unveiled its life-size, wearable bionic arm to the world, and from the moment I saw it I felt an irresistible urge to parade around town in the ridiculous thing. After months (literally months) of asking, Capcom had the good graces to lend me its extremely expensive, one-of-a-kind prop with no oversight or guidance. Just do whatever you want, man! The result is the above video, first posted onDecember 18, 2008, and it%26rsquo;s been one of my favorite things that%26rsquo;s ever posted on the site. The "bit" is me walking around trying to do normal things with a bionic arm, all of which prove how impractical the damn thing actually is, which leads to me apparently nuking the city.

Above: Pure ridiculousness

Above: A lovely stroll through the park with my wife

Above: This thing arrived in a giant crate, and came with an adorable waiver to sign in case we broke it

This vid is over two years old, so there%26rsquo;s a fair chance you%26rsquo;ve still never seen it. We present it to you now, in our new (non garbage) video player for easy consumption. And anyone who%26rsquo;s already seen it, a billion thanks for clicking on this identical article 26 months later!

March 1, 2011