Best of CheatPlanet June 21st-25th

With everyone’s heads still spinning from E3,gamers have been hunkering down with Red Dead Redemption and Transformers: War for Cybertron in an effort to save their pennies for the incoming wave of games, accessories and Nintendo's 3DS. In this hard economy it's your duty to 100% your games before buying new ones you wasteful capitalist pig!

Crackdown 2 drops next week and we expect it to be a monster, so keep an eye out for our upcoming guides. We’re still getting a prize structure together for CheatPlanet, so make sure to include an email address with your cheat submissions so we can send you a prize if you submit something juicy!

Transformers: War for Cybertron

It’s still a slow month for game releases, but this week’s Transformers: War for Cybertron has proven itself to be a winner, giving everyone a chance to convert some amazing living robots into flaming scrap metal. Our handy dandy Transformers: War for Cybertron emblems guide will quickly help you find all of the lurking Autobot and Decepticon emblems. The Decepticon half of the guide is up now and we’ll have the Autobots guide ready to go on Monday, so make sure to check back then.

Red Dead Redemption

Rockstar, the onlycompany that givesthe noble young gameras many side missions and quests as their main campaigns, truly an economic windfall in this crippled economy. Our Red Dead Redemption coverage continues with our patentedStrangers guide, giving you the heads up on what creeps, freaks and ne'er-do-wells you’ll have to escort andassist in order to 100% the game. Whatever you do make sure to complete the “I know you” missions as they do a lot for the story and add some mystery to John Marston.

Until then I shall return to my magical cheat wagon and continue preparing miracle tonics for your consumption; these tonics are guaranteed to increase your aiming ability, button pressing speed and will return vitality and fun to any game in your collection, even Rogue Warrior! Yes sir these cheat tonics are the genuine article, so please remain calm and form a line on the left! No worries friends, there's enough for all!

Jun 25, 2010

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