Best Of CheatPlanet July 12th-16th Singularity, Crackdown 2 and Red Dead Redemption

The great game drought of Summer 2010 continues with no major release to speak of. Instead we'll once again have to hunker down with some previously released games, like Singularity, Crackdown 2 and the CheatPlanet favorite, Red Dead Redemption.


While a lot of people wrote Singularity off as little more than a Bioshock clone, the game has a lot going for it, like a gun that ages your enemies before turning them to dust, and a twisting, interesting time travel plot. Think 12 Monkeys but on the Russian SyFy channel.The game also features some tricky achievements that require some inventive use of its unique weapons. Fortunately CheatPlanet has got a snazzy Achievement/Trophy guide for all your completionist needs. Check it out right here.

Crackdown 2

Crackdown 2 may not be a radical departure from its predecessor, but it%26rsquo;s still a fun game with a lot of secrets and hidden collectibles. In addition to our orbs guides, check out our updated list of Easter Eggs and unlockables. What other game let%26rsquo;s you leap from the tallest building in the city and into an oversized toilet bowl hidden in a smoke stack?

Red Dead Redemption

While we%26rsquo;ve already covered the basics for RDR, there are, as always, a ton of easter eggs and hidden features including a pretty awesome way to get an Evil Dark Horse. The horse, all black with a white face and covered in nasty looking scars, is the perfect ride for all you road agents and desperados looking to strike fear into the citizenry. (Hint: Press Ctrl+F to search the page for %26ldquo;Dark Horse%26rdquo; Science!)

July 16, 2010

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