The 7 best movie podcasts every cinephile should be listening to

There are thousands of movie podcasts available right now, but picking the right one to bung into your earbuds can be a hassle. Do you go for a series devoted to movie trivia? Weekly reviews? The making of a blockbuster?

With so much variety, we've searched high and low for the best movie podcasts. We've even started our own, featuring some of the best movie writers in the business! (Yes, we're biased, but we're also correct.) Of course, not every movie podcast could make the cut, but here's our selection tailer-made for cinephiles. 


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The Studio Ghibli movies are beautiful works of art that need to be discussed. And if you're watching them for the first time, there's no better accompaniment that Ghibliotheque. The podcast sees a seasoned Studio Ghibli fanatic and a newcomer to the iconic movies discuss each movie after watching them. 

Their discussions on Spirited Away, My Neighbour Totoro, and Princess Mononoke are highlights, plus some of the later podcasts are recorded with a live audience, making for all sorts of shenanigans. You can listen here

The Evolution of Horror

There are few people who love their horror like Mike Muncer. The host of The Evolution of Horror podcast adores the genre, and on his podcast celebrates as much with a rotating roster of guests – including a couple of GamesRadar+ and Total Film writers. 

If you love a good fright – and talking about why you're a wimp when it comes to certain spooky clowns or famous slashers, then The Evolution of Horror is ready-made for you. Highlights include discussions on The Exorcist, Suspiria (remake and original), and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. You can listen here.

School of Movies

Alex and Sharon Shaw are two of the hardest working people in podcasting. As well as hosting a series of alternate history audio dramas, they also produce School of Movies, a deep dive into films and TV. 

What's unique about the pair is that, in an industry laden down with endless snark, they approach each movie in an inclusive, fair fashion. We recommend starting with their Sucker Punch episode, which – while nearly 3 hours long – is a wonderful discussion on a controversial movie. You can listen here.

Black List Table Reads

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We're slightly cheating here, as Black List Table Reads ended back in 2017. Yet, there's a wealth of content to go back and explore. The premise is simple: the hosts take the best at-the-time-unproduced screenplays in Hollywood and turn them into "ear movies". Each one is followed by an interview with the author, conducted by Black List founder Franklin Leonard. 

As the podcast went on, the guests became more acclaimed, including Barry Jenkins, who discussed the making of his Oscar-winning movie Moonlight. A must listen to anyone who wants to know more about the movie-making and script-writing process. You can listen here.

Inside Total Film

Again, we're slightly cheating, but not because this podcast has finished – but because it's ours! Every fortnight, the Total Film team discuss the latest film news and releases, ranging from the week's biggest blockbusters to the hidden art-house gems that every film buff should be seeking out. 

Hosted by editor-in-chief Jane Crowther, the Inside Total Film podcast also sees the editorial team – consisting of some of the country's most knowledgeable cinephiles – interview some of the biggest filmmakers and actors currently working. Recent guests include Sam Mendes, Robert Pattinson, Felicity Jones, and Tom Hanks. You can listen here.

How Did This Get Made?

A gloriously NSFW sprint through some of the worst movies ever made, How Did This Get Made? is fast-paced, funny, and powered by the hosts’ personalities. Jason Mantzoukas (The Good Place), Paul Scheer (Veep), and June Diane Raphael (Long Shot) pull zero punches as they take down some so-called "classics". 

What makes the show work is how in-depth they always go. In fact, you get three shows in one feed: the movie discussions, live episodes with an audience, and prequels (where they answer audience questions and do some surprisingly personal magazine pieces). Hate watching has never been this much fun. You can listen here.

You Must Remember This

Karina Longworth's passion project, You Must Remember This offers an in-depth look at the Hollywood of old: the rise and fall of the studios, the history and consequences of the McCarthy hearings, and the lives of classic stars. 

Longworth lets her stories speak for themselves, but always gives context when needed. Start with episode two, Frank Sinatra in Space, about Sinatra's forgotten three-disc science fiction concept album. You can listen here.

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