Best mods for co-op gaming

Oct 5, 2007

This is multiplayer as it's meant to be played: your enemies are mute, you're all on the same side fighting for a common goal, and conventional games are taken into new and exciting territory. The world is always better served when we work together, and never more so than when we're fragging bad guys.

Open Co-op
Game: Doom 3

Doom 3's singleplayer is so slight that this co-op mod is needed just to get the most out of the game. It's for up to four players, the best plan being to use a couple as torch carriers who cast light ahead for the others to focus their hellish fire upon. It works better than the singleplayer because Doom 3's cheap tricks, such as spawning creatures right behind you, are covered if you have a team of marines aiming in all directions. It can be played in bot-filled multiplayer maps as well as through the singleplayer story.